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Syvette Wimberly v. Vivid Entertainment

Court: Harris County (Texas) District Subject: Invasion of Privacy Document: Summary Judgment Motion 

Romantics v. Activision Publishing

Court: USDC, E. Mich. Subject: Publicity Rights Document: Order Granting Summary Dismissal 

Kramer v. Allergan

Court: Orange County (Calif.) SuperiorSubject: Botox Poisoning Document:Complaint 

National Federation of the Blind v. Target

Court: USDC, N. Calif. Subject: Disability Discrimination Document: Settlement Agreement 

Committee on the Judiciary v. Harriet Miers

Court: USDC, D. Col. Subject: Executive Privilege Document: Order Denying Motion to Dismiss 

Mattel v. MGA Entertainment

Court: USDC, C. Calif. Subject: Bratz Doll Rights Document: Verdict Form 

Defenders of Wildlife v. Hall

Court: USDC, Mont. Document: Order Granting Injunction 

Amnesty International v. McConnell

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Document: Complaint 

CBS Corp. v. FCC

Court: 3rd Circuit Document: Opinion 

Jarry v. Southington Board of Education

Court: USDC, Conn. Subject: Firing of "Hottest Wife" Teacher Document:Complaint 

Grubbs v. Wal-Mart Stores

Court: Montezuma County (Colo.) DistrictSubject: Salmonella Poisoning Document:Complaint 

Hasbro v. RJ Softwares

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Scrabble Infringement Document: Complaint 

Hollander v. McCain

Court: USDC, N.H. Subject: Eligibility of Presidential Candidate Document: Order Granting Motion to Dismiss 

Dawe v. Bar-Levav & Associates

Court: Michigan Ct. of Appeals Subject: Psychiatric Malpractice Document: Majority Opinion 

Dawe v. Bar-Levav & Associates

Court: Michigan Ct. of Appeals Subject: Psychiatric Malpractice Document: Dissent 

Ferguson v. CBS Corp.

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: "Rachel Ray Show" Discrimination Document:Complaint 

Burck v. Mars, Inc.

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: "Naked Cowboy" Copyright Document: Order Denying Dismissal 

De la Garza v. PetSmart, Inc.

Court: Nueces County (Texas) DistrictSubject: Parrot Fever Death Document:Petition 

Hamaker v. The Furnace

Court: Jefferson County (Ala.) Circuit Subject: Stripper DUI Document: Complaint 

Pleasant Glade Assembly of God v. Schubert

Court: Texas Supreme Subject: Assault by "Laying Hands" Document: Majority Opinion 

Pleasant Glade Assembly of God v. Schubert

Court: Texas Supreme Subject: Assault by "Laying Hands" Document: Dissent 

Marmelstein v. Kehillat New Hempstead

Court: N.Y. Court of Appeals Subject: Pastoral Counseling Document: Opinion 

Florida Bar v. Jack Thompson

Court: Florida Supreme Subject: Attorney Discipline Document: Report of Referee 

Roxane Davis v. Johnny Rotten

Court: Los Angeles Superior Subject: Reality Show Assault Document: Complaint 

Sancho v. U.S. Dept. of Energy

Court: USDC, Hawaii Subject: Nuclear Doomsday Document: Motion to Dismiss 

Grant v. NASCAR

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Racial Discrimination Document: Complaint 

Laura Boyce v. Rob Lowe

Court: Santa Barbara County (Calif.) Superior Subject: Sexual HarassmentDocument: Cross Complaint 

Danaher v. Wild Oats Markets

Court: USDC, Kan. Subject: Defective Ear Candle Document: Complaint 

Smith v. Thomas

Court: USDC, E. Mo. Subject: Harry Potter Discrimination Document: Complaint 

In re Sara Steed

Court: Texas Third Ct. of Appeal Subject: Polygamy Church Document: Opinion 

Jared Stern v. Ron Burkle

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: Defamation Document: Order Granting Motion to Dismiss 

Klopfenstein v. National Sales & Supply

Court: USDC, E. Pa. Subject: "Servile" Coffee-Making Document: Order Granting Summary Dismissal 

Doe v. Splash News

Court: Los Angeles Superior Subject: Invasion of Privacy Document: Complaint 

MAJ Entertainment v. Zoning Board

Court: Pennsylvania Commonwealth Ct.Subject: Sex Club Regulation Document:Opinion 

Claassen v. E-Harmony.com

Court: Alameda County (Calif.) SuperiorSubject: Online Dating DiscriminationDocument: Order denying summary judgment. 

Yakubovsky v. Elaine's Astrology

Court: Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Common Pleas Subject: Psychic MalpracticeDocument: Complaint 

Gutierrez v. Patterson Nissan

Court: Gregg County (Texas) District Subject: Auto Dealer Stunt Death Document:Summary Judgment Motion 

Viacom International v. YouTube

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Copyright Infringement Document: Answer to Complaint 

Spanx, Inc. v. Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers

Court: USDC, N. Ga. Subject: Trademark Infringement Document: Complaint 

N.J. Peace Action v. Bush

Court: USDC, N.J. Subject: Presidential War Powers Document: Complaint 

Perea v. ACE Cash Express

Court: Denver District Subject: Wrongful Termination of Robbery Victims Document:Complaint 

Bauer v. Glatzer

Court: Monmouth County (N.J.) SuperiorSubject: Wikipedia Libel Document: Motion to Dismiss 

Willis v. Town of Marshall

Court: 4th Circuit Subject: Dirty DancingDocument: Opinion 

Laswell v. Ferguson

Court: USDC, W. Ark. Subject: Obese Inmate's Diet Document: Complaint 

Doe v. Szul Jewelry

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: Publicity Rights Document: Order Denying Motion to Dismiss 

Ashley Dupre v. Joe Francis

Court: USDC, S. Fla. Subject: Hooker's Rights Document: Complaint 

Jane Doe v. Splash News

Court: Los Angeles Superior Subject: Invasion of Privacy Document: Complaint 

Reed v. Tony Yayo

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: "Gangsta" Rap Document: Complaint 

Defenders of Wildlife v. Hall

Court: USDC, Mont. Subject: Gray Wolf Protection Document: Complaint 

Hutchinson v. British Airways

Court: USDC, W. Wash. Subject: "Reckless" Baggage Handling Document: Motion to Dismiss 

Cusick v. Southwest Airlines

Court: USDC, N. Ala. Subject: Plane Inspections Document: Complaint 

Francis v. U.S.

Court: USDC, Utah Subject: Fatal Bear AttackDocument: Complaint 

Molski v. Evergreen Dynasty

Court: 9th Circuit Subject: Vexatious Litigation Document: Order on Panel Rehearing 

Blanchard Tual v. Robert Blake

Court: Calif. 2nd District Ct. of AppealSubject: Wrongful Death Document: Opinion 

Gomez v. Pueblo County

Court: USDC, Colo. Subject: Jail EscapeDocument: Summary Judgment Motion 

Rob Lowe v. Jessica Gibson

Court: Santa Barbara County SuperiorSubject: Celebrity Nanny Woes Document:Cross Complaint 

Siegel v. Warner Bros.

Court: USDC, C. Calif. Subject: Superman Copyright Document: Summary Judgment Order 

Williams v. Manchester

Court: Illinois Supreme Subject: Wrongful Death of Fetus Document: Opinion 

Howards v. Reichle

Court: USDC, Colo. Subject: Subpoena of Vice President Cheney Document: Order on Motion to Serve 

Boring v. Google

Court: Allegheny County (Pa.) Ct. of Common Pleas Subject: Invasion of PrivacyDocument: Complaint 

Shane Mosley v. Victor Conte

Court: USDC, N. Calif. Subject: DefamationDocument: Complaint 

Sancho v. U.S. Dept. of Energy

Court: USDC, Hawaii Subject: Nuclear Doomsday Document: Complaint 

Chang v. Hot Lap Dance Club

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: Strip Club Negligence Document: Complaint 

Dan Rather v. CBS

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: Breach of Contract Document: Order on Motion to Dismiss 

Woody Allen v. American Apparel

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Publicity Rights Document: Complaint 

Lemerond v. 20th Century Fox

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: "Borat" Remorse Document: Order Granting Motion to Dismiss 

Doe v. Dilling

Court: Illinois Supreme Subject: Failure to Disclose AIDS Document: Opinion 

Doe v. Hampton Roads Transit Authority

Court: Virginia Beach (Va.) Circuit Subject: Bus Driver Negligence Document:Complaint 

Chou v. Starbucks

Court: San Diego Superior Subject: Pooling of Barista Tips Document: Restitution Order

Fair Housing Council v. Roommates.com

Court: 9th Circuit Subject: Internet Provider Immunity Document: Opinion 

Clemens v. McNamee

Court: USDC, S. Texas Subject: DefamationDocument: Motion to Dismiss 

Simmons v. MTD Products

Court: Roanoke (Va.) Circuit Ct. Subject: Lawn Mower Death Document: Opinion Denying New Trial 

Batra v. Wolf

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: Libel in Fiction Document: Order Denying Motion to Dismiss 

Schmidt v. Archdiocese of Portland

Court: Oregon Ct. of Appeals Subject: Church Sex Abuse Document: Opinion 

Hunter Tylo v. Shanna Downing

Court: Clark County (Nev.) District Ct.Subject: Drowning Death Document: Motion to Amend Complaint 

Judiciary Committee v. Miers

Court: USDC, D. Col. Subject: Executive Privilege Document: Complaint 

Inland Empire Voters v. U.S.

Court: USDC, C. Calif. Subject: John McCain and the Presidency Document: Complaint 

Richards v. CSX Transportation

Court: USDC, S. W.Va. Subject: Goose AttackDocument: Complaint 

Gerald Tsai v. Sharon Bush

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: Engagement Ring Document: Complaint 

Rauschenberg v. Fontaine

Court: USDC, M. Fla. Subject: Misuse of Trash Document: Complaint 

Clemens v. McNamee

Court: Harris County (Texas) District Subject: Defamation Document: Petition 

Terbush v. U.S.

Court: 9th Circuit Subject: Climber DeathDocument: Opinion 

Padilla v. Yoo

Court: USDC, N. Calif. Subject: Terror Suspect Torture Document: Complaint 

Lapine v. Seinfeld

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Cookbook Slander Document: Complaint 

Reliable Consultants v. Earle

Court: 5th Circuit Subject: Sex Toy Distribution Document: Opinion 

Boldt v. Boldt

Court: Oregon Supreme Subject: Circumcision Document: Opinion 

Snyder v. Phelps

Court: USDC, Md. Subject: Military Funeral Protests Document: Order Reducing Punitive Damages 

Milbury v. Kieley Corp.

Court: Rockingham County (N.H.) SuperiorSubject: Wedding Party Brawl Document:Writ of Summons 

Srodon v. Blue Man Productions

Court: Cook County (Ill.) Circuit Subject: "Esophagus Video" Injury Document:Complaint 

Paris Hilton v. Hallmark Cards

Court: USDC, C. Calif. Subject: Publicity Rights Document: Order Denying Motion to Dismiss 

Wiener v. The Dannon Co.

Court: USDC, C. Calif. Subject: False Yogurt Advertising Document: Complaint 

Irish Pub & Inn v. Philadelphia Magazine

Court: USDC, E. Pa. Subject: "Dive Bar" Defamation Case Document: Complaint 

Freedom from Religion Foundation v. Congress

Court: USDC, N.H. Subject: Pledge of Alelgiance Document: Amicus Brief 

Orlando v. Alarm One

Court: Calif. 5th District Ct. of Appeal Subject: Workplace Spanking Document: Opinion 

Martin v. Baron Cohen

Court: Alabama Supreme Subject: "Borat" Remorse Document: Opinion 

Trulock v. City of Duncanville

Court: Dallas County (Texas) District.Subject: Swingers' Rights Document:Petition 

Richard v. Keller

Court: USDC, W. Texas Subject: Wrongful Execution Document: Motion to Dismiss 

Finley v. Astrue

Court: Arkansas Supreme Subject: In Vitro Inheritance Rights Document: Opinion 

Rost v. Steamboat Springs RE-2 Sch. Dist.

Court: 10th Circuit Subject: Student Harassment Document: Opinion 

Chambers v. Ormiston

Court: Rhode Island Supreme Subject: Same-Sex Divorce Document: Opinion 

Pfahler v. Swimm

Court: USDC, Colo. Subject: Negligent Skiing Document: Complaint 

Glatt v. Posy Floral Design

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: Wedding Flower Fraud Document: Answer to Complaint 

Reynolds v. Wood

Court: Alabama Ct. of Civil Appeals Subject: Wrongful Sermon Document: Opinion 

Texas Entertainment Assn. v. Combs

Court: Travis County (Texas) District Subject: Strip Club Taxation Document: Summary Judgment Motion 

Estate of Long v. Wilson

Court: Laurel County (Ky.) Circuit Subject: Death of Snake Handler Document:Complaint 

Cornwell v. Sachs

Court: USDC, E. Va. Subject: DefamationDocument: Default Judgment 

Katz v. Medford Sch. Dist.

Court: Jackson County (Ore.) SuperiorSubject: Guns on Campus Document: Order Denying Injunction 

McFadyen v. Duke University

Court: USDC, M. N.C. Subject: Wrongful Rape Accusations Document: Complaint 

Dan Rather v. CBS Corp.

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: Breach of Contract Document: Motion to Dismiss 

Dennis Quaid v. Baxter Healthcare

Court: Cook County (Ill.) Circuit Subject: Products Liability Document: Complaint 

Michael Flatley v. Tyna Robertson

Court: Los Angeles Superior Subject: Extortion Document: Default Judgment 

Glatt v. Posy Floral Design

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: Wedding Flower Fraud Document:Complaint 

Herwerth v. Swarts

Court: USDC, E. N.Y. Subject: "GETOSAMA" License Plates Document: Complaint 

Judith Regan v. HarperCollins

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: Defamation Document: Complaint 

Ponce v. Socorro Ind. Sch. Dist.

Court: 5th Circuit Subject: Student ThreatsDocument: Opinion 

Shqeirat v. US Airways

Court: USDC, Minn. Subject: "Flying Imams" Arrests Document: Order Denying Dismissal 

Jonny Fairplay v. Danny Bonaduce

Court: Los Angeles Superior Subject: Celebrity Assault Document: Demurrer 

Louis Vuitton Malletier v. Haute Diggity Dog

Court: 4th Circuit Subject: Trademark Infringement Document: Opinion 

Mills v. Giant of Maryland

Court: D.C. Circuit Subject: Lactose Intolerance Document: Opinion 

Long v. Long

Court: Hunterdon County (N.J.) SuperiorSubject: Negligent Ballooning Document:Complaint 

Paris Hilton v. Hallmark Cards

Court: USDC, C. Calif. Subject: Publicity Rights Document: Anti-SLAPP Motion 

Schafer v. Shopko Stores

Court: South Dakota Supreme Subject: Morphine Overdose Document: Opinion 

A.B. v. St. Louis Cardinals

Court: St. Louis Circuit Subject: Message Board Defamation Document: Complaint 

Subject: Vioxx Products Liability

Document: Settlement Agreement 

Ault v. Walt Disney World

Court: USDC, M. Fla. Subject: Disability Discrimination Document: Complaint 

Davis v. 3 Bar F Rodeo

Court: Kentucky Ct. of Appeals Subject: "Ring of Fear" Rodeo Death Document: Opinion 

William Peterson v. John Grisham

Court: USDC, E. Okla. Subject: DefamationDocument: Complaint 

Bidzirk v. Smith

Court: USDC, S.C. Subject: Blogger's RightsDocument: Opinion Granting Summary Judgment 

Biegel v. Dentsu Holdings

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Sexual Harassment Document: Complaint 

In the Matter of the Paternity of K.C.H. and K.M.H.

Court: Kansas Supreme Subject: Sperm Donor Rights Document: Opinion 

Kaminer v. Eckerd Corp.

Court: Fla. 4th District Ct. of Appeal Subject: Oxycontin Overdose Document: Opinion 

Howard K. Stern v. Rita Cosby

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: DefamationDocument: Complaint 

Sherman v. Township High Sch. Dist.

Court: USDC, N. Ill. Subject: Freedom from Religion at School Document: Complaint 

de Villers v. County of San Diego

Court: Calif. 4th District Ct. of Appeal Subject: "American Beauty" Wrongful DeathDocument: Opinion 

Lenz v. Universal Music

Court: USDC, N. Calif. Subject: Video PiracyDocument: Motion to Dismiss 

Lenz v. Universal Music

Court: USDC, N. Calif. Subject: Video PiracyDocument: Complaint 

Streit v. 20th Century Fox

Court: USDC, S. Ala. Subject: "Borat" Privacy Invasion Document: Complaint 

Dan Rather v. CBS

Court: Manhattan Supreme Subject: Breach of Contract Document: Complaint 

Office of Lawyer Regulation v. Inglimo

Court: Wisconsin Supreme Subject: Attorney Discipline Document: Opinion 

Packman v. It's Just Lunch

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Dating Service Fraud Document: Complaint 

Jonny Fairplay v. Danny Bonaduce

Court: Los Angeles Superior Subject: Celebrity Assault Document: Complaint 

Mohamed v. Jeppesen Dataplan

Court: USDC, N. Calif. Subject: Torture of Terror Suspects Document: Motion to Dismiss 

CBC Distribution v. Major League Baseball

Court: 8th Circuit Subject: Publicity RightsDocument: Opinion 

Estate of Atban v. Blackwater

Court: USDC, D. Col. Subject: War Crimes in Iraq Document: Complaint 

Carl Mayer v. Bill Belichick

Court: USDC, N.J. Subject: Illegal NFL Videotaping Document: Complaint 

Johnston v. One America Productions

USDC, N. Miss. Subject: "Borat" Privacy Invasion Document: Order Granting Motion to Certify Appeal> 

Bourne Co. v. 20th Century Fox

USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: "Family Guy" Copyright Infringement Document:Complaint 

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. v. D'Avella

Court: Hunterdon County (N.J.) SuperiorSubject: Defamation by Rap VideoDocument: Complaint 

Evans v. City of Durham

Court: USDC, M. N.C. Subject: Duke Lacrosse Players Document: Complaint 

Katz v. Medford Sch. Dist.

Court: Jackson County (Ore.) SuperiorSubject: Teacher's Gun Rights Document:Complaint 

Currier v. National Bd. of Medical Examiners

Court: Massachusetts Ct. of AppealsDocument: Order Granting Injunction 

Bowen v. Cheuvront

Court: USDC, Neb. Subject: Rape Victim Speech Document: Opinion Dismissing Case 

Wolff v. Dept. of Corrections

Court: USDC, N.H. Subject: Inmate RightsDocument: Order for Destruction of an Egg 


Court: U.S. Supreme Subject: Warrantless Wiretapping Document: Petition for Certiorari 

Johnson v. Clowns of U.S.

Court: Contra Costa (Calif.) County SuperiorSubject: Stage Hypnosis Injury Document:Demurrer 

Ernie Chambers v. God

Court: Douglas County (Neb.) DistrictDocument: Petition for Injunction 

Currier v. National Bd. of Medical Examiners

Court: Norfolk (Mass.) Superior Document:Order Denying Injunction 

Borlaza v. Pennypoke Farms

Court: Los Angeles Superior Subject: Will Fraud Document: Complaint 

Bowen v. Cheuvront

Court: USDC, Neb. Subject: Rape Victim Speech Document: Complaint 

Leroy Greer v. 1-800-Flowers

Court: USDC, S. Texas Subject: Breach of Privacy Document: Complaint 

Christianson v. Henry Holt & Co.

Court: USDC, C. Ill. Subject: Publicity RightsDocument: Order Denying Dismissal 

California v. General Motors

Court: USDC, N. Calif. Subject: Global Warming Document: Order Granting Dismissal 

Corrie v. Caterpillar, Inc.

Court: 9th Circuit Subject: Wrongful Death in Gaza Document: Opinion 

In re Sept. 11 Litigation

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Cockpit Voice Recorder Document: Order Granting Motion in Limine 

Nealous v. Ozmint

Court: USDC, S.C. Subject: Pink Jumpsuits in Prisons Document: Motion for Summary Judgment 

Hughes v. Pair

Court: Calif. 2nd District Ct. of AppealSubject: Sexual Harassment Document:Complaint 

Paris Hilton v. Hallmark Cards

Court: USDC, C. Calif. Subject: Publicity Rights Document: Complaint 

Varnum v. Brien

Court: Polk County (Iowa) District Subject: Same-Sex Marriage Document: Ruling Granting Summary Judgment 

Simpson v. University of Colorado

Court: 10th Circuit Subject: Campus Sexual Assault Document: Opinion 

Jarek Molski v. Mandarin Touch Restaurant

Court: 9th Circuit Subject: "Vexatious" Litigation Document: Opinion 

Syvette Wimberly v. Vivid Entertainment

Court: Harris County (Texas) District Subject: Invasion of Privacy Document: Petition 

Liysa Northon v. Ann Rule

Court: USDC, Ore. Subject: DefamationDocument: Award of Attorney Fees 

Rao v. Fair Lawn Board of Education

Court: Bergen County (N.J.) SuperiorSubject: LSD Poisoning of Pizza Document:Complaint 

Spencer v. Idaho State Board of Corrections

Court: USDC, Idaho Subject: Transgender Inmate Hormone Therapy Document: Order Granting Injunction 

Creed v. Family Express Corp.

Court: USDC, N. Ind. Subject: Transgender Employment Document: Opinion Denying Dismissal 

B.W.A. v. Farmington R-7 School Dist.

Court: USDC, E. Mo. Subject: Rebel Flag Attire in School Document: Order Granting Summary Dismissal 

Tracie Rice v. Lindsay Lohan

Court: Los Angeles Superior Subject: Assault Document: Complaint 

Antidote International Films v. Laura Albert

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: "JT Leroy" Literary Fraud Document: Order Awarding Attorney's Fees 

Den Hollander v. Copacabana Nightclub

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Ladies Night Discrimination Document: Complaint 

Jinsoo Kim v. Stephen Son

Court: Orange County (Calif.) SuperiorSubject: Breach of Blood ContractDocument: Bench Trial Ruling 

Gordon v. Virtumundo, Inc.

Court: USDC, W. Wash. Subject: Serial CAN-SPAM Plaintiff Document: Order Granting Motion for Attorneys' Fees 

Estate of Duckett v. CNN

Court: USDC, M. Fla. Subject: Nancy Grace Talk Show Tort Document: Motion to Dismiss 

Valerie Plame v. Lewis Libby

Court: USDC, D. Col. Subject: Disclosure of CIA Agent's Identity Document: Opinion Granting Motions to Dismiss 

Lischner v. Upper Darby Township

Court: USDC, E. Pa. Subject: Civil RightsDocument: Motion to Preclude Evidence Identifying George W. Bush 

Harrison v. Harrison

Court: Minnesota Supreme Subject: Negligent Car Seat Installation Document:Opinion 

Alston v. Advanced Brands

Court: 6th Circuit Subject: Alcohol Advertising to Children Document: Opinion 

Hess v. Johnston

Court: Utah Ct. of Appeals Subject: Vasectomy Remorse Document: Opinion 

John Doe 3 v. One America Productions

Court: Los Angeles Superior Subject: "Borat" Remorse Document: Order Granting Motion to Strike 

Shqeirat v. US Airways

Court: USDC, Minn. Subject: "Flying Imams" Detention Document: Motion for Summary Judgment 

Holk v. Cadbury Schweppes

Court: USDC, N.J. Subject: Deceptive Advertising of Snapple Document:Complaint 

Westbrook v. Penley

Court: Texas Supreme Subject: Counselor-Client Confidentiality Document: Opinion 

Roy Pearson v. Jin Chung

Court: D.C. Superior Subject: Lost Suit PantsDocument: Trial Court Decision 

Bragg v. Linden Research

Court: USDC, E. Pa. Subject: Virtual World Property Document: Ruling on Motion to Compel Arbitration 

Lyndsay Clements v. John "Jack" Osbourne

Court: USDC, S. Ind. Subject: Negligent Use of Celebrity Cop Document: Complaint 

Turner v. Chicago Board of Education

Court: Cook County (Ill.) Circuit Subject: "Brokeback Mountain" Screening Document:Complaint 

Raymundo Ortega v. Lindsay Lohan

Court: Los Angeles County Superior Subject: Reckless Driving Document: Complaint 

Johnson v. Clowns of U.S.

Court: Contra Costa County (Calif.) SuperiorSubject: Hypnosis Show Trauma Document:Complaint 

Latrell Sprewell v. NYP Holdings

Court: N.Y. Appellate Division Subject: Defamation Document: Opinion 

John Doe v. 20th Century Fox

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: More "Borat" Remorse Document: Complaint 

Patsolic v. Francis

Court: USDC, M. Fla. Subject: Illegal "Girls Gone Wild" Filming Document: Complaint 

Humphrey v. Viacom

Court: USDC, N.J. Subject: Fantasy Sports Leagues Document: Opinion Granting Motion to Dismiss 

Stark v. Seattle Seahawks

Court: USDC, W. Wash. Subject: NFL Patdown Searches Document: Order Granting Summary Dismissal 

Shaw Suburban Media v. Chief Justice Thomas

Court: USDC, N. Ill. Subject: Attack on Libel Judgment Document: Complaint 

State of Arizona v. Vermillion Candy Shoppe

Court: Maricopa County (Ariz.) SuperiorSubject: Religious Discrimination by Polygamy Church Members Document:Complaint 

Patricia Cornwell v. Leslie Sachs

Court: USDC, E. Va. Subject: Prior Restraint on Harasser Document: Order Granting Injunction 

Webb v. City of Philadelphia

Court: USDC, E. Pa. Subject: Anti-Muslim Religious Bias Document: Opinion Granting Summary Dismissal 

Sandridge v. Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania

Court: USDC, W. Pa. Subject: Female-on-Male Sexual Harassment Document:Complaint 

Western Watersheds Project v. Servheen

Court: USDC, Idaho Subject: Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Protection Document: Complaint

Rice v. Gans-Rugebregt

Court: Sonoma County (Calif.) SuperiorSubject: "That's So Gay Girl" Bias Document:Tentative Decision 

Hilston v. State of Montana

Court: Montana Supreme Subject: Grizzly Bear Attack Document: Opinion 

ACLU v. State of North Carolina

Court: Wake County (N.C.) Superior Subject: Judicial Oaths Document: Opinion 

MacDermid v. Discover Financial Services

Court: 6th Circuit Subject: Debt Collector Harassment Document: Opinion 

Neal v. O'Neal

Court: Kanawha County (W.Va.) CircuitSubject: Insane Killer's InheritanceDocument: Complaint 

Bunick v. CW

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Copyright Infringement Document: Order on Motion to Compel Deposition of Jennifer Lopez 

Mueller v. Auker

Court: USDC, Idaho Subject: Parents' RightsDocument: Order Denying Motions for Reconsideration 

Davidson v. Entercom Sacramento

Court: Sacramento County (Calif.) SuperiorSubject: Radio Show Stunt InjuriesDocument: Complaint 

Schroer v. Billington

Court: USDC, D. Col. Subject: Transsexual Bias Document: Motion to Dismiss 

Herbert v. Boulder Outdoor Survival School

Court: USDC, Utah Subject: Hiker's Wrongful Death Document: Complaint 

A.V. v. iParadigms

Court: USDC, E. Va. Subject: Term Paper Copyright Document: Complaint 

Blackwater Security Consulting v. Nordan

Court: USDC, E. N.C. Subject: Deaths of Iraqi Contractors Document: Order to Compel Arbitration 

Smith v. Novato Unified School Dist.

Court: Calif. 1st District Ct. of Appeal Subject: Student Speech Document: Opinion 

Pratt v. Nelson

Court: Utah Supreme Subject: Judicial Proceeding Privilege Document: Opinion 

Aldaba v. Wal-Mart Supercenter

Court: Dona Ana County (N.M.) DistrictSubject: Negligent Entrustment of Ammunition Document: Complaint 

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences v. Oscarwatch.com

Court: USDC, C. Calif. Subject: Trademark Infringement Document: Complaint 

Graham v. Raleigh Anesthesia Associates

Court: Raleigh County (W.Va.) CircuitSubject: Anesthesia Awareness SuicideDocument: Complaint 

Murphy v. Boston Herald

Court: Massachusetts Supreme JudicialSubject: Defamation of Judge Document:Opinion 

Thomas v. Telegraph Publishing

Court: New Hampshire Supreme Subject: "Libel-Proof" Doctrine Document: Opinion 

Doe v. Green

Court: Multnomah County (Ore.) SuperiorSubject: Misuse of MySpace by ParamedicDocument: Complaint 

Chamley v. Khokha

Court: N. Dakota Supreme Subject: Medical Malpractice Document: Opinion 

Hoyte v. Yum! Brands

Court: USDC, D. Col. Subject: Trans Fat Fraud Document: Ruling on Motion to Dismiss 

Dumitrescu v. Mr. Chow Enterprises

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Restaurant Employee Abuse Document: Complaint 

Noesen v. Medical Staffing Network

Court: 7th Circuit Subject: Pharmacist's Anti-Birth Control Beliefs Document: Opinion 

Viacom v. YouTube

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Copyright Infringement Document: Answer to Complaint 

Freeman v. Dept. of Homeland Security

Court: USDC, E. La. Subject: Hurricane Katrina Wrongful Deaths Document: Order Granting Motion to Dismiss 

Conway v. Burger King

Court: Clay County (Iowa) District Subject: Hot Chocolate Spill Document: Ruling on Summary Judgment Motion 

Simons v. Marshall

Court: Arkansas Supreme Subject: Traffic Stop Grope Document: Opinion 

Football Association v. YouTube

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Copyright Infringement Document: Complaint 

Marcinkowska v. IMG

Court: USDC, S.C. Subject: Tennis Court Patent Infringement Document: Complaint 

ISR v. Shidler, Heumann and Geerdes

Court: USDC, Colo. Subject: Attorney Misconduct Document: Letter of Attorney Mark W. Fischer 

Studler v. Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Court: Marion County (Ind.) Superior Subject: "In God We Trust" License Plates Document:Complaint 

Jennings v. University of North Carolina

Court: 4th Circuit Subject: Sexual Harassment Document: Opinion 

Groton v. Motel 6

Court: Knox County (Tenn.) Circuit Subject: Anthrax Hoax Distress Document: Complaint

Gicana v. McDonald's Corp.

Court: New Haven (Conn.) Superior Subject: Coyote Attack Liability Document: Complaint 

Buck v. Stankovic

Court: USDC, M. Pa. Subject: Illegal Immigrant Marriage License Document:Complaint 

Andrews v. Keltz

Court: New York County Supreme Subject: Fertility Clinic Mixup Document: Ruling on Motions to Dismiss 

Howard K. Stern v. John O'Quinn

Court: USDC, S. Fla. Subject: DefamationDocument: Complaint 

Bryan Perry v. Darlene Bishop

Court: Butler County (Ohio) Common PleasSubject: Wrongful Death of SongwriterDocument: Affidavit of Cheryl Smith 

Engleman v. Ferguson

Court: USDC, W. Ark. Subject: Extra-jurisdictional Arrest Document: Opinion on Summary Judgment Motions 

Tillung v. Pinellas County Sch. Bd.

Court: Pinellas County (Fla.) Circuit Subject: "Mooning" Student Discipline Document:Complaint 

Jane Doe v. First Media Group

Court: Cobb County (Ga.) Superior Subject: Chat Line Rape Document: Complaint 

International Media Films v. Lucas Entertainment

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: "Dolce Vita" Trademark Document: Motion for Preliminary Injunction 

Deborah Palfrey v. Dr. Paula Neble

Court: USDC, D. Col. Subject: Breach of Escort Service Contract Document:Complaint 

Bishoff v. Texas Roadhouse

Court: Bell County (Texas) District Ct.Subject: Peanut-Shell Premises LiabilityDocument: Complaint 

Houston v. YWCA of Summit County

Court: Summit County (Ohio) Ct. of Common Pleas Subject: Testicle Injury Document:Complaint 

In re: The Marriage of Roach

Court: Pinellas County (Fla.) Circuit Subject: Transsexual Alimony Document: Order on Motion for Judgment 

Nickolas v. Fletcher

Court: USDC, E. Ky. Subject: Blog Access Policy Document: Opinion Denying Injunction 

Mueller v. Auker

Court: USDC, Idaho Subject: Parents' RightsDocument: Summary Judgment Decision 

Molski v. M.J. Cable

Court: 9th Circuit Subject: Disability Discrimination Document: Opinion 

Zamecnik v. Indian Prairie School Dist.

Court: USDC, N. Ill. Subject: Student T-shirt Speech Document: Complaint 

Jamison v. City of New York

Court: USDC, E. N.Y. Subject: "Casanova" Cop Shooting Document: Complaint 

Amos v. Hertz Corp.

Court: USDC, N. Ga. Subject: Hand Scanner Religion Bias Document: Complaint 

Kendall v. Arbor Place of Puryear

Court: USDC, W. Tenn. Subject: Hand Scanner Religion Bias Document:Complaint 

Terry McMillan v. Jonathan Plummer

Court: Contra Costa County (Calif.) Superior Ct. Subject: Invasion of Privacy Document:Complaint 

Showler v. Harper's Magazine

Court: 10th Circuit Subject: Invasion of Privacy Document: Opinion 

Doe v. One America Productions

Court: Los Angeles County Superior Subject: "Borat" Remorse Document: Opposition to Motion for Reconsideration 

Boskovich Farms v. Taco Bell

Court: Orange County (Calif.) SuperiorSubject: Trade Libel Document: Complaint 

Shqeirat v. US Airways Group

Court: USDC, Minn. Subject: Muslim Airline Passengers Race Bias Document:Complaint 

401 Restaurant Associates v. LaBan

Court: Philadelphia Common Pleas Subject: Defamation Document: Complaint 

Leighton v. City of New York

Court: N.Y. Appellate Division Subject: Fetal Injury Document: Opinion 

Viacom v. YouTube

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Copyright Infringement Document: Complaint 

Experience Hendrix v. Electric Hendrix

Court: USDC, W. Wash. Subject: Trademark Infringement Document: Complaint 

Kalpoe v. Dr. Phil

Court: Los Angeles County Superior Subject: Defamation Document: Minute Order 

Cave v East Meadow Union Free Sch. Dist.

Court: USDC, E. N.Y. Subject: Disability Discrimination Document: Order Denying Injunction 

Lykken v. Brady

Court: USDC, S.D. Subject: Wrongful Accusation Document: Complaint 

Red Bull v. Soho East Avenue

Court: USDC, W. N.Y. Subject: Trademark Infringement Document: Complaint 

Carnival Corp. v. Carlisle

Court: Florida Supreme Subject: Cruise Line Liability Document: Opinion 

Parker v. Hurley

Court: USDC, Mass. Subject: Parents' RightsOrder Granting Motion to Dismiss 

L.W. v. Toms River Board of Education

Court: New Jersey Supreme Subject: Student Harassment Opinion 

Williams v. King

Court: 11th Circuit Subject: Sex Toy Regulation Document: Opinion 

Shadday v. Omni Hotels

Court: 7th Circuit Subject: Premises LiabilityDocument: Opinion 

Pins v. State Farm & Casualty

Court: 8th Circuit Subject: Alienation of Affection Document: Opinion 

Taub v. Taub

Court: N.Y. State Appellate Division Subject: Family Law Document: Opinion 

Merced v. Kasson

Court: USDC, N. Texas Subject: Animal Sacrifice Document: Complaint 

Ampersand Publishing v. Paterno

Court: Orange County (Calif.) SuperiorSubject: Defamation Document: Anti-SLAPP Motion to Strike 

O'Charley's Management Co. v. Darden Concepts

Court: USDC, M. Tenn. Subject: Trademark Infringement Document: Complaint 

Estate of Dimarco v. Wyoming Dept. of Corrections

Court: 10th Circuit Subject: Prisoner RightsDocument: Opinion 

Mayes v. All-Star Waste Disposal

Court: Jefferson County (Ky.) Circuit Subject: Intoxicated Juror Document: Order Granting New Trial 

Strange v. Entercom Sacramento

Court: Sacramento County Superior Subject: Radio Show Stunt Death Document:Complaint 

Starks v. Natural Balance

Court: Orange County (Fla.) Circuit Subject: Kava Products Liability Document:Complaint 

St. Onge v. MacDonald

Court: New Hampshire Supreme Subject: Bystander Liability Document: Opinion 

O'Bryan v. Holy See

Court: USDC, W. Ky. Subject: Church Sex Abuse Document: Opinion on Motion to Dismiss 

Koubriti v. Rojo

Court: USDC, E. Mich. Subject: Prisoner Rights Document: Summary Judgment Opinion 

Bryan Perry v. Darlene Bishop

Court: Butler County (Ohio) Common PleasSubject: Wrongful Death of SongwriterDocument: Complaint 

Katharine Almy v. John Grisham

Court: Virginia Supreme Subject: Emotional Distress Document: Opinion 

Lott v. Levitt

Court: USDC, N. Ill. Subject: "Freakonomics" Libel Document: Opinion on Motion to Dismiss 

Tuite v. Corbitt

Court: Illinois Supreme Subject: DefamationDocument: Opinion 

Herrera v. Lufkin Industries

Court: 10th Circuit Subject: Racial Discrimination Document: Opinion 

Humane Society v. Brennan

Court: Albany County (N.Y.) SupremeSubject: Foie Gras Regulation Document:Complaint 

Bullock v. J.B.

Court: Nebraska Supreme Subject: Paternity Testing Document: Opinion 

Pile v. City of Brandenburg

Court: Kentucky Supreme Subject: Wrongful Death Document: Opinion 

Dagen v. Marriott International

Court: USDC, S. N.Y. Subject: Innkeeper Liability Document: Order Denying Motion to Dismiss 

Manning v. Miller

Court: USDC, N. Ill. Subject: Wrongful Imprisonment Document: Opinion Vacating Judgment

Carandola v. Fox

Court: 4th Circuit Subject: Erotic DancingDocument: Opinion 

Turton v. Frenchtown Elementary School Dist.

Court: USDC, N.J. Subject: Student SpeechDocument: Opinion 

Gordon v. Hunterdon County Educational Services Comm'n

Court: USDC, N.J. Subject: Unwanted Abortion Document: Complaint 

Estate of Duckett v. CNN

Court: Lake County (Fla.) Circuit Subject: Nancy Grace Talk Show Tort Document:Complaint 

Whitaker v. Weier

Court: St. Clair County (Ill.) Circuit Subject: Parental Negligence Document: Complaint 

In re Custodian for Benefit of Alex Hughes

Court: Los Angeles Superior Subject: Probate Document: Decision Suspending Custodian 

Miller v. Harrington

Court: Hillsborough County (Fla.) CircuitSubject: "Shock Radio" Rape Document:Complaint